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TV review: Heart Transplant: Chance to Live; Innocent

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Heart Transplant: Chance to Live


Nine-year-old Max, a patient in Heart Transplant: Chance to Live

Perhaps we have been cosseted over the years by the familiar narrative arc followed by lesser hospital-based documentaries than Heart Transplant: Chance to Live. You know the drill: heart-strings pulled early on, a bit of midway jeopardy, then the required happy ending, maybe to tinkling pianos, that has you blubbing in your armchair.

This documentary had a wonderful ending too, but not before it had delivered a punch of harsh truth. We had seen Claire, a bubbly, optimistic young woman, getting married. We had seen a precious matched heart found for her and the operation — that included cleaving through her sternum and was not for the weak-stomached — initially going well. But she died. She…

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