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Stew Leonard's offers grilling tips for a successful 4th of July cookout

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(WTNH)- July 4th is just a few days away and what's better then celebrating the weekend before?

Chef Chaz Fable from Stew Leonard’s in Newington joined Good Morning Connecticut Sunday to share some of his top grilling tips for a successful 4th of July backyard cookout.

Fable says you should always check the propane levels before you grill so you do not run out before the grilling fun can begin! He then says to prepare the grill. Just before cooking, lightly oil the grilling rack to keep meat from sticking to the grill, or tearing when you turn it, so it will not lose any of its natural juices.

A third tip is to keep the lid on the grill closed as much as possible turning the food sparingly.

And last, keep the grill clean. The best time to clean the grill is when the grill is still hot. You can also spray the grill (only when off) with a non-stick spray to release any leftover food particles. After cleaning, be sure to keep grill dry to enhance grill life and keep food clean.

Stew Leonard’s has a few fresh and delicious options that will also add some WOW to your holiday grill menu:

  • Filet Mignon Burger: Stew Leonard’s brand-new Filet Mignon burger is a freshly made, premium blend of the Butcher Shoppe’s finest cuts including their famous filet mignon, short rib and ground chuck.
  • Chicken Burgers: Stew Leonard’s Chicken Burgers are ground fresh every day by the store’s butchers, using boneless Amish chicken breast and thighs and mixed with zesty panko breadcrumbs.
  • Salmon Burgers: Tender and juicy, fish lovers will rejoice at this heart-healthy alternative!

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