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Risk Of High Blood Pressure Likely To Be More In Children Conceived Through IVF: Study

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While fertility options like In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) are helpful for those who struggle to get pregnant, it poses some risk factors as well. According to a new study, children born through IVF are more likely to develop high blood pressure - which is a cause of numerous health conditions. The study, published in Journal of American College of Cardiology, blood pressure in teenagers who were born through IVF was higher than those who were conceived naturally. As part of the study, around 54 naturally conceived teens were compared to 43 of their IVF counterparts. Average age of these teens was 17.

In adults, normal range of blood pressure among adults is considered to be 120/80. However, among children or teenagers, the blood pressure levels are dependent on their age and height. An adolescent who has blood pressure higher than 90 or 95% of people of the same age and height, s/he is likely to have high blood pressure.

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In the study, it was found that IVF teenagers had higher blood pressure as compared to their friends. It was somewhere around 119/71 versus 115/69 in IVF teenagers and the ones who are conceived naturally. Also, it has to be noted here that teenagers born through IVF are more likely to have blood pressure levels high enough to be diagnosed with hypertension.

High blood pressure can increase risks of heart disease
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Parents of children who have conceived through IVF thus need to focus on ways to control high blood pressure and risk factors of heart disease.

Some of the most common risk factors of heart disease are high levels of cholesterol, smoking regularly, being physically inactive, not being able to control diabetes, stress or anger and uncontrolled levels of blood pressure.

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A few and simple lifestyle changes can significantly help in reducing risk factors of heart disease. You need to cut down smoking and eat foods which do not contribute to unnecessary rise in cholesterol levels in the body. Exercising regularly is a must for heart health. You need to be physically active for overall good health and improved levels of blood pressure. Aerobic activities like brisk walking, jumping rope, cycling, jogging and swimming can all be really helpful.

Food plays an important role in terms of determining your heart health. You need to eat foods with lesser salt. Foods high in saturated fat and trans fat need to be avoided. Nutrient-rich foods with lots of vitamins and antioxidants need to be preferred to junk, fried and processed foods. Nuts, whole grains, fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables can all be good for heart health and maintaining blood pressure levels.

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Parents who conceived children through IVF can focus on including these habits in their children's lifestyle at the earliest to prevent unnecessary risks associated with high blood pressure.

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