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Packaged foods sold in plastic may contain harmful chemicals; can affect heart and nervous system of children

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WASHINGTON D.C. [USA]: Parents are generally indulged in non-responsive feeding practices for their kids' fussy eating habits, but now they also need to analyse the harmful chemicals added to food and used in food packaging, which are potentially harmful to children.

Chemicals used in packaging and in processed meats, among others, can lead to obesity, puberty issues and other health problems, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said. Additives may be added directly to food or leach into packaging and plastics.

The chemicals that raise the concern are:

Life Made Easy And Stress-Free! Benefits Of Frozen Food

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Nutrition Is Key

11 Sep, 2017

Thirty per cent of mothers feel guilty about the nutritional value of food they feed to their family. However, frozen food offers great options for a balanced diet.

While frozen peas can contain more vitamin C than their fresh equivalent, frozen chicken and fish are fantastic sources of protein for growing kids.

Bisphenols, such as BPA, which are used in the lining of metal cans. They can act like estrogen in the body. This can affect the onset of puberty, increase body fat, decrease fertility and impact the nervous system and immune system.

Phthalates, which are found in plastics, can impact male genital development, childhood obesity and heart disease.

Perfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFCs), which are used in grease-proof food packaging, could reduce immunity, birth weight and fertility.

Percholate, which is added in dry food packaging to control static electricity, is known to disrupt thyroid function and can affect early brain development.

Nitrates and nitrites, which are used to preserve food and found in processed meats, can interfere with thyroid hormone production.

All humans are impacted by the chemicals, but children are the worst affected.

Be Cautious This Season: Superfoods To Boost Immunity And Keep You Healthy

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Immunity-Boosting Foods

25 Jan, 2018

Monsoon is here and so are the diseases. The change in season can result in various viral infections, flus and poor health conditions.

The tricky season can lead to various health problems like sore throat, itchy nose, sneeze, ceaseless cough, common cold, and many water-borne diseases like typhoid, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, diarrhoea, malaria and dengue.

While regular exercising and staying hydrated is important, it is crucial to consume the right foods to strengthen your immunity and beat the illness this season.

Dolly Kumar, founder and director of Gaia; Eesha Kanade, Obino's health coach; Luke Coutinho, MD in alternative medicine & holistic nutritionist; and holistic health guru Dr Mickey Mehta share a list of best immunity-boosting foods that will keep you healthy.

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