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It's Tick Season.....

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It's Tick Season.....

CONSUMER REPORTS -- Expect to see more of the creepy crawly creatures soon.

Ticks and mosquitos spread a lot of diseases and the list is growing.

Consumer Reports blames rising temperatures, increased urbanization and more traveling.

In NC, we aren’t known for the mosquito illnesses as much as the ticks. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can cause heart damage and kidney failure.

Symptoms include fever, rashes, vomiting and stomach and muscle pain.

And then there’s Ehrlichiosi. This bacterial infection can cause kidney failure, respiratory failure, heart failure seizure, and even comas if its left untreated. Look out for a high fever, lots of fatigue, strong headaches and muscle aches.

Both of these diseases are treated by antibiotics so if you see these symptoms head to the doctor immediately.

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