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IA woman at St. Mary's waits for Heart Transplant

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heart transplant-intro-2 according to the centers for disease control and prevention - nearly 40- thousand people died from an opioid overdose in 20- 16... and now - that's having an unintended consequence. nx fp multi line:overdose related organ donation annals of internal medicine 2016: 3,533 overdose organs ... according to a study published in the annals of internal medicine... in 20- 16 there were more than 35- hundred transplants using donated organs relating to overdose deaths... that's up from just 149 transplants in 2000. but - there are still hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the gift of life. kimt news 3's katie lange joins us live at st. mary's hospital in rochester... katie you spoke to a patient on a transplant waiting list?xxx heart transplant-lv intro-4 that's right amy - i'm going to introduce you to a fighter... from montezuma iowa... just east of des moines. heart transplant-lv-3 since birth ...her heart has given her complications... and now it's a race against time... as she waits for a transplant.xxx heart transplant-lv pkg-1 heart transplant-lv pkg-2 becca lives her life by numbers... she was only supposed to live 24 hours after birth... she's now lasted 33 years... and the last 300- plus days... have been at mayo. "been waiting for a heart." it's a sterile existence at times... "i can't go home. i have to stay in the hospital until i get my transplant." but it's rebecca imhoff's last chance at life. she's been on the transplant list for more than 2 years... heart transplant-lv pkg-3 "you always have to stay positive with this stuff." heart transplant-lv pkg-6 inspiration decorates the otherwise idle environment...fo r those 300-plus days. unforunately not always fast enough... lowerthird2line:dr. charles rosen director of transplant center, mayo clinic "we estimate that about 20- people die each day off of the national waiting list without getting an organ." heart transplant-lv pkg-5 standup: almost 115-thousand people nationally are waiting for the gift of life... the united network for organ sharing updates this site daily... you can search for how many other people in your state are in need of the same organ... rebecca is just one of 85 people in mn in need of a new heart.... and 1 out of 4,005 nationwide. heart transplant-lv pkg-7 bleak statistics... but rebecca has family rooting for her... ... amid the monoteny of an ordinary day for rebecca... "i do my walking to stay strong, i go to my support group." support in dealing with her congenital heart defect... "it is where all of my organs are flipped.my heart is on the right side." while rebecca awaits a new heart... there is life brought into her hospital room. proving the heart... is more than just an organ. heart transplant-lv tag-2 amy - what's interesting is that lifesource - a nonprofit focused on organ, eye and tissue donation... says while the number of opioid related deaths have increased in the midwest... the number of organ donors directly related to those overdoses.. has not. in rochester, katie lange, kimt news 3. / thank you katie. although becca is on a transplant list... she is also a registered donor... kimt.com:local news to learn how you can give the gift of life head to kimt dot com - and click on this story under the local news tab. / storm

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