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How does your gut health affect your heart health

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Unfortunately, many people take the fist sized muscle in their chest for granted. They assume that the heart muscle will always be working 24/7 without fail. That is, until it does fail. Only then do we consider to take steps to improve our heart health. That being said, researchers are constantly looking at ways to improve heart function and overall health.

Over the past several years, researchers have uncovered connections between our digestive health and our heart health. In the Current Opinion in Cardiology, 2017, researchers discuss links between the microbes in your gut and cardiovascular disease. They state that a dysbiosis in your gut microbiome has a strong link to inflammation in your arteries, specifically your coronary artery that supplies oxygen and nutrients to your heart muscle. These researchers conclude that we may one day be able to add gut microbiota profiles as an accessible risk factor for CVD and offer therapies that target the gut microbiota.

Another study in Circulation Research, 2015, researchers uncovered at least 34 specific strains of gut bacteria that influence blood lipid levels and body mass index. They conclude how specific gut bacteria play an important role in heart health independent of age, sex, and genetics. Their findings also support the potential to target therapies altering the gut microbiome and controlling triglyceride levels, LDL, and total cholesterol.

That being said, there are steps that you can begin today to improve the function of your heart. Aside from exercise like brisk walks, rebounding, cycling, elliptical machines, etc. which we know to be heart friendly, you still need to consider your diet.

Animal proteins that contain carnitine (meat) and choline (eggs & dairy) have been linked to changes in lipid metabolism and the transport of cholesterol in the blood. It is my recommendation to reduce meat consumption to 1-2x/month, fish 2x/week, chicken 1-2x/week, pork 1-2x/month. Increasing your plant-based foods, higher fiber foods and fermentable foods will also have a positive impact on your gut microbiota as well as your overall health. Remember to, whenever possible, purchase your food from organic, pasture raised, cage-free, wild-caught sources like The Naked Pig Meat Co. in Oakboro, NC. If you need free range chicken at reasonable prices feel free to call our office at 980-355-7600. We can refer you to a local supplier of the finest quality chickens you can buy. Check out these meal plans prepared by Hannah for healthy options.

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