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Heart of the matter: Thunder star Paul George's foundation helped support cardiovascular health program

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For more information about the Battle of the Heart, email Shante Fenner, American Heart Association community impact director, at [email protected]

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The Paul George Foundation and Healthy Now Fitness came alongside the American Heart Association to promote heart health through the Battle of the Heart initiative. George's foundation donated 5,000 FAST (an acronym that provides an easy way to remember and identify common stroke symptoms) postcards, 150 pairs of his Nike PG2 shoes and 500 limited-edition Paul George shirts designed by artist Ray Tennyson for participants who completed the program.

Shante Fenner, the American Heart Association's community impact director, said each church that completed the program received 10 pairs of PG2 shoes. She said some churches received extra pairs because of points they accumulated for doing things like promoting their fitness opportunities and events on social media.

Ameyka Pittman and Angela Long, at St. John Christian Methodist Episcopal in Spencer, said they gave their senior pastor, the Rev. Anthony L. Walker Sr., a pair for his unwavering support of the program. Long was given a pair for her part in being the main coordinator of the effort, and the rest of the shoes were distributed to the church's youths.

Also, Long said the members that participated in the program now wear their Paul George T-shirts with pride.

Fenner said the heart association also was grateful for the assistance of international fitness experts and native Oklahomans Basheerah Ahmad and DJ Wolfe. The two served as partners for the initiative by allowing congregations access to fitness videos for the length of the Battle of the Heart program so that participants could work out together or at home with family members.

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