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Heart health and metabolism benefit from regular bedtime

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Sleep deprivation can cause stress, weight gain, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Research shows that going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is a healthier option.

A new study by researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, in the US, has found that a regular bedtime benefits not only children, but adults, too.

The researchers studied the sleep patterns of almost 2,000 adults who wore sleep tracking devices for seven days and also kept sleep journals.

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The results showed that a regular bedtime keeps the heart and metabolism healthy. People who went to bed at irregular times were more likely to be overweight, have high blood sugar and high blood pressure. These people were also more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than people with regular sleep patterns.

The researchers believe that sleep, heart health and metabolism influence each other, but they are not sure whether sleep loss causes weight gain, for example, or whether it's the other way around.

"With more research, we hope to understand what's going on biologically, and perhaps then we could say what's coming first or which is the chicken and which is the egg," says Jessica Lunsford-Avery, lead author of the study.

  • The Best Tips to Combat Stress

    Do Endurance Sports in Moderation

    When done in moderation, endurance sports like jogging and cycling are ideal for fighting stress and its negative consequences. They help to decrease stress hormones while strengthening the heart and improving circulation. The endorphins released make you feel happier and more energetic. However competitive sports often do the contrary, as they create a new source of stress.

  • Symbolbild Meditation

    The Best Tips to Combat Stress

    Employ Relaxation Techniques

    Relaxation therapies like Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Autogenic Training have scientifically-proven benefits. And many people swear by yoga and meditation. They all reduce muscle tension and agitation, making people more stress-resistant, relaxed and happy. These relaxation techniques can also provide emergency relief in acute stress situations.

  • Symbolbild Museum

    The Best Tips to Combat Stress

    Seek Out Quiet Places

    Silence is an effective medicine in relieving stress. It calms frazzled nerves and helps the mind unwind. If there's a quiet room in your home, consciously spend 15 or 20 minutes there each day. Even bustling big cities have peaceful places of refuge -- like museums, libraries and churches. You just have to look for them!

  • Symbolbild Kind im Park

    The Best Tips to Combat Stress

    Go Out into Nature

    Dutch researchers have discovered that green is a calming color that makes us happy. And it's been proven that people who have a garden or live by a park have better mental health and fewer circulatory problems than other city dwellers. So make sure to get out into nature, take a deep breath, and listen to the leaves rustling and the birds singing!

  • Symbolbild Organsiation

    The Best Tips to Combat Stress

    Plan Quiet Periods

    Regularly make time in your schedule for stress busters like jogging, Autogenic Training or a trip to the park. City dwellers in particular tend to fill up their free time with appointments and dinner engagements. So if you're feeling stressed, reduce your social engagements in favour of relaxation time.

  • Symbolbild Fitness

    The Best Tips to Combat Stress

    Take A Break

    Body and spirit both need time to regenerate. Spending the whole day sitting behind a desk can cause tense muscles and back pain, and cause the levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream to soar. Going for a brisk walk in the fresh air and stretching your muscles can help. And you'll return to your desk feeling calm and composed.

  • Symbolbild Frau und Schlaf

    The Best Tips to Combat Stress

    Get Enough Rest

    Most people get too little sleep. The amount you need varies from person to person, but make sure you give your body enough time to recharge! Sleep is also a natural stress reducer. When possible, sleep in a well-ventilated room that's free from disturbances -- including snoring bed partners!

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