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Heart Awareness Month: Five tips to keep your heart healthy

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Durban - Heart disease claims the lives of at least 82 000 people in South Africa every year.

Which means 1 in every 5 deaths are due to cardiovascular disease, the Heart and Stroke Foundation said.
For Heart Awareness Month which is observed in September, and culminates with World Heart Day on September 29, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, have cautioned South Africans to take better care of their health.

They believe that behavioural risk factors that can cause
CVD prevalence in South Africa are
high salt use, tobacco use,
unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.
CVD is the world’s number one killer, claiming nearly 17, 7 million lives every year.

Tobacco smoking triples the risk of having a heart attack and doubles the risk of having a stroke and globally 1 in 8 deaths are tobacco related.
5 habits to adopt today:

- Consuming 5 fruits and vegetables a day
will automatically increase your fiber
intake and decrease your salt and fat intake which is beneficial for your heart.
-Get active for at least 150 minutes a week.

- Get your blood pressure
checked at least once a year,
and your blood glucose levels annually when
-Salt reduction
is the simplest and most cost-effective way to help prevent circulatory health conditions.

-Create heart health awareness with your kids. Encourage your kids to take care of their hearts and brains from a young age by eating smart, breathing fresh air by avoiding tobacco smoke and being physically active.
For updates on our World Heart Day activities visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation website:


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