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Heart attack: Improve your quality of life by doing this

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Heart attack symptoms may occur rapidly, or gradually increase in severity over time.

Signs that you’re having a heart attack include chest pain, nausea and shortness of breath.

The condition may be caused by coronary heart disease, or blood clots.

Recovering from a heart attack can be difficult, depending on the amount of damage to the heart muscle.

Playing electronic games that require you to be physically active could improve your quality of life if you’ve suffered a heart attack.

Research revealed today at Heart Failure 2018, found that standing in front of a TV set and playing virtual tennis, can improve exercise capacity and other factors for people with heart failure.

The study involved 605 patients with heart failure who either had to play electronic games, or undertake a standard exercise regime.

Professor Tiny Jaarsma, speaking to medical news site, news-medical.net, said, “Exergaming (exercising with electronic games) is an alternative way for patients with heart failure to be physically active.

“It increases their fitness and can improve their wellbeing because they can do more in their day-to-day life.”

Results showed that after three months of ‘exergaming’ for 30 minutes a day, patients could walk on average 33 metres further than those that undertook standard exercise.

The NHS advises on its website that to recover from a heart attack you should do some light exercise, and undertake a cardiac rehabilitation programme to improve your health.

“Once you return home, it’s usually recommended that you rest and only do light activities,” says the national healthcare provider.

“Walking up and down the stairs a few times a day or taking a short walk could help with recovery.

“Gradually increase the amount of activity you do each day over several weeks.

“How quickly you can do this will depend on the condition of your heart and your general health.”

You could reduce your risk of having a heart attack by changing your diet.

Eating more tomatoes could help lower your risk of the condition.

They’re rich in the antioxidant lycopene, which helps to get rid of ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Tomatoes may also help to keep blood vessels open, and are low in sugar.

“Lycopene has also been shown to lower heart disease risk due to its impact on LDL [bad] cholesterol,” said cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra.

“Lycopene prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidising, which is the process that initiates heart disease.”

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