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Health Matters: Medication Can Successfully Treat Heart Failure

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark- We've covered all sorts of devices to treat patients with heart failure. Another side of treatment is an option that helps most patients who come to Baptist Health. It's medication therapy. One woman believes it saved her life. Annette Dove used to valet park for her appointments, but now it's not even an option. She wants to park as far away from the entrance as possible so she can walk. She calls it a blessing.

"I was very weak, can't keep anything down in my stomach," Annette Dove explains of her Heart Failure symptoms.

She couldn't walk a block without feeling out of breath. In 2012, she got checked out and doctors told Annette her heart was failing.

"My daughter told me, you know you were given 6 months, but no one ever told me," says Annette.

The doctor who told Annette's family how much time she had left, referred her to a different hospital. Baptist Health called Annette to set up an appointment, immediately.

"Made some adjustments to her medical therapies to basically to treat her heart failure," says Steve Hutchins, Baptist Health Cardiologist.

Cardiologist, Steve Hutchins, targeted Annette's other health issues; diabetes and high blood pressure. Through medication, Annette's heart improved significantly over a year. Dr. Hutchins believes she is a great example of what medical therapy has done for heart failure.

"We just had to get her focused on her health. She is so involved in her community taking care of others, that I think she was kind of ignoring her own health," says Hutchins.

Annette found being on top of her treatment, was crucial, because it meant she could still help youth in her Pine Bluff community.

"I think it's the care that I get, the support that I have, and the kids keep me busy," she says.

Throughout the process, Annette wants others to know how important it is to have health insurance. She explained at one point, there were medicines she could not afford because she didn't have it.

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