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Griffin Helps You Live A Heart Healthy Future

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Griffin Helps You Live A Heart Healthy Future

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - Heart disease is the number killer for both men and women. We are joined by Griffin Hospitals, Dr. Sayena Azarbar as she shares tips about heart health and prevention.

"The best thing we can do is to prevent getting to that point, where they need recurring treatments."

Dr. Sayena Azarbar says it is easy to prevent heart disease. A heart healthy diet is extremely important. In order to have a healthy diet you must cut out processed foods, cut out animal fat, and saturated fat and increasing the amounts of nuts, fish, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetable intake. This diet is known as the Mediterranean Diet which is the only diet to be proven with scientific evidence to be beneficial to heart health.

Griffin Hospital also has a heart health center, this is free service to patients who have had heart failure, MI's as well patients that have had heart attacks. This service allows patients to get assistance from a doctor and get them back on track when they are not feeling well. Instead of going the hospital they could make a quick and easy phone call and stop into the clinic.

"Keeping your heart healthy begins with you."

For More Information Visit: www.GriffinHealth.org

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