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Free teen heart health screening set at Davison school

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DAVISON, MI - A free heart health screening for teens is scheduled for next month at Davison Community Schools.

The Hurley Teen Heart Check event is set to take place from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10 at Hahn Intermediate School, 500 S. Dayton St., in Davison.

Free screenings are available for children 13-19 years old and will include a review of a health history questionnaire to be filled out at home.

A blood pressure check and electrocardiogram will be performed during the screening on each teenager during the event.

A cardiologist is also set to evaluate each participant and may choose to perform an echocardiogram, a noninvasive picture of the heart.

The event is sponsored by Hurley Medical Center and the Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation, started by Mary and Jonathan Smith after their 17-year-old son died unexpectedly in January 2011 from sudden cardiac arrest.

Family of Flushing teenager who died of sudden cardiac arrest holding initial foundation fundraiser

The foundation has donated defibrillators to several Michigan schools in addition to holding screenings with Hurley in recent years at Fenton High School, the Flint Farmers' Market, and the Genesee Career Institute in Mundy Township.

Pre-registration for the event is required and can be done by calling 810-262-7123. The health history questionnaire must be filled out and signed by the teen and parent, as well as a consent to treatment form signed by a parent.

Those forms are available online here.

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