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Fatty foods so healthy they can help you be a 'thinny' + RECIPES

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About thirty years ago in ‘popular diet-culture land’ FAT (and not sugar) in the diet was blamed for society’s obesity epidemic

Everyone who wanted to drop some weight was gorging on low-fat foods and saturated fat was seen as the ultimate evil.

So here’s the problem… Fat is one of only three macronutrients available to humans for sustenance. So we surely need some, right? Especially since some extremely critical parts of our bodies are made from fatty tissue – our brain and bone marrow, for example.

Science has now proven that fat is not the ‘evil’ it was once thought to be, and many nutritionists and diet gurus agree that certain fats should form an important part of our diet. But before you go out and smother your vetkoek in butter and bacon, make sure you’re focussing on the RIGHT KIND OF FAT.

Here are some seriously healthy fatty foods you SHOULD be eating:

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1. Avocado

About half of a medium avocado is one serving of healthy fat that will contribute to general heart health and possibly assist with osteoarthritis symptoms too. You can eat it deliciously plain, in guacamole, sliced up with a bit of salt, on a sandwich, as a burger topping, or in a salad.

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