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Emmerdale: will Sarah survive her heart transplant operation?

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Testing times for Debbie and the Dingles next week

Emmerdale‘s Sarah Sugden has been living on borrowed time for months, but a heart donor for the ailing teen is finally found next week. Will she survive the transplant she’s been waiting so long for? And can distressed mum Debbie Dingle cope with any more worry?


With potential donors having fallen through at the 11th hour before, Sarah has mixed emotions when the transplant co ordinator announces they have found a new heart, and due to her own heart failing she must have the procedure as soon as possible.


Debbie arrives at the hospital to comfort her daughter and as she’s wheeled in for surgery she breaks down to grandma Faith, fearing she’ll never see her little girl again. Begging doctors for a realistic prognosis, the Dingles are devastated when medical staff are unable to give them a definitive answer on Sarah’s chances of making it through the op.

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Will there be a happy ending for Sarah after her battle with cancer and heart failure? Or will Debbie find herself, just days after planning her doomed wedding to Joe Tate, organising her own child’s funeral?


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