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Emmerdale: Debbie's agony as Sarah has heart transplant – will she survive?

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The Dingles pray Sarah pulls through her life-saving operation

There are mixed emotions for Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale next week when dying daughter Sarah Sugden prepares for a heart transplant – but with the teenager’s health more fragile than ever, will she survive the trauma of the operation before she can even think about the long road to recovery?


Sarah has been kept in hospital since being diagnosed with chronic heart failure, the vital organ having been weakened by chemotherapy for previous brave battle with cancer. Doctors have warned if a match for a new heart is not found soon she could die – but as her heart is so weak, the procedure itself could kill her.

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Next week, Debbie meets Dom, an ill child on Sarah’s ward she has befriended, and has to comfort a distressed Sarah when the lad collapses. As the reality of her daughter’s own condition hits home when Dom takes a turn for the worst, Debbie confides her fears for her little girl’s future in boyfriend Joe Tate.


The cardiologist then tells Debbie they have a new heart and need to operate on Sarah as soon as possible. Unable to shake the possibility the life-or-death surgery could end in tragedy, but not able to risk letting her live longer without the procedure, Debbie struggles to stay strong as Sarah is whisked off to theatre.


Will the operation go to plan? If she survives, could there be a chance the new heart is rejected? After almost losing her daughter countless times, is there light at the end of the tunnel for devastated Debbie?


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