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Called healthy foods for heart health – 24 Channel

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Polish scientists from Warsaw University found that vegetables and fish contain a special ingredient that makes these products especially useful for heart health.

The study is published in the portal ScienceDaily.

In the experiment, the researchers fed the rodents a very large and small doses of the substance trimethylamine (TMAO). It is produced in the blood after eating fish and vegetables and accumulates in the body.

The experiment showed that the substance TMAO has a positive impact on the health of the heart and blood vessels. She defended rodents from thickening of walls of blood vessels and development of heart hypertrophy. Due to this rodents is approximately two times less likely to suffer from heart attacks and circulatory problems.


Biologists note that TMAO is connected with proteins, DNA and RNA, stabilizes them, allowing them to better endure the increased pressure in the circulatory system.

The substance protects from disturbances in the cells of the heart and blood vessels, and reduces the level of cellular stress and inflammation.

The researchers concluded that the best products for heart health scientists have recognized the vegetable food and fish.


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