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BAFD supporting fellow firefighter while daughter awaits heart transplant

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BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KTUL) -- Firefighters are unusually the first to arrive when you need help, but a Broken Arrow firefighter and his family are the ones in need right now.

"We deal with a lot of crisis time, but you never want it to be your family," said Robert Blocker.

He's been a firefighter in Broken Arrow for three years, and when his buddy and fellow firefighter Richard Teeter needed help, Blocker decided to do something about it.

Teeter's daughter Lizzy was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy when she was just 8 months old.

"I see her in the videos struggling and I don't think I could be that strong, but he's doing good," said Blocker. "I talked to him early today. Their spirits are up but it's definitely something that's heart wrenching for sure."

Lizzy and her family are in Saint Louis awaiting a heart transplant. The family, as you can imagine, is not only struggling with Lizzy's disease but also financially.

"So they're trying to shuffle that around and worried about medical bills stacking up," said Blocker. "We can't pay off what they owe, but we would like to make a big dent in it."

On Saturday, Aug. 18, the Broken Arrow Firefighter's Auxiliary is holding a fundraiser on Main Street.

"We try to raise funds for fire families who are in financial need because of a medical situation that has risen in the last year," said Kelsey Blocker.

So far, she says White River Fish Market, Reasor's and a number of other local companies have come forward to help out.

"They are just so good to help us with whatever we need," she said. "They come out and support."

Follow along with Lizzy's progress on her Facebook page, Support Lizzy Teeter.

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