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American Heart Association kicks off Heart Walk with Superhero CEO breakfast

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Heart attack prevention and CPR training were on the menu Wednesday morning at the American Heart Association’s Superhero CEO kickoff for the Heart Walk in March.

Jay Murray, co-chair of the Heart Walk and Suntrust president, said the Heart Walk is one of the biggest events in the community. At the breakfast, which was held at SRP Park in North Augusta, those in attendance went to stations to learn about heart health, including one about how to recognize a stroke, two demonstrating recent research, hands-only CPR training and a virtual reality station.

Keyatta Priester with Aiken Electric Cooperative and co-chair of the Heart Walk, said more than 5,200 area employees are impacted by the American Heart Association’s workplace health solutions program.

She said she would also like to see more CPR kits in local schools, which are sponsored by businesses.

“Almost 40,000 people were trained in our certified CPR, hands-only CPR classes in the CSRA last year," Priester said. "Nearly 7,000 students in Aiken and Richmond County were trained in hands only CPR.”

Priester said sudden cardiac arrest kills 1,000 people per day. “Every person needs to know how to take action and save a life with hands-only CPR,” she said.

Stuart MacVean, president and CEO of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, said the American Heart Association is working hard on CPR, blood pressure control and heart healthy food. He has been able to push his organization into realizing they weren’t heart healthy, and began real-time heart monitoring and other heart healthy practices at SRNS.

“So if you go back about five years ago, I realized that I was losing people to heart issues – stroke or heart attack – at a rate that was just not acceptable, and so the reason I got involved with the Heart Association was to do something about that,” he said.

The 2019 Heart Walk in the CSRA is March 9, 2019 at the North Augusta Greeneway.

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