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Aged Garlic May Improve Heart Health

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Aged garlic extract can help prevent cardiovascular diseases due to its ability to help prevent platelet aggregation, as published in the Journal of Natural Medicines.

When platelets in blood clump together it is called platelet aggregation, and it is part of a sequence of events that will eventually result in formation of a clot. Aged garlic has been shown to afford multiple beneficial health effects on CVD such as prevention of platelet aggregation.

Mice were treated with aged garlic extract for this study, which also examined platelet aggregation in response to collagen. After 2 weeks garlic treatment was observed to greatly reduce the ability of platelets to clump together, produced platelets that responded to collagen, and dose dependently suppressed phosphorylation of signalling pathways.

It was concluded aged garlic extract can help to protect the heart from cardiovascular diseases via inhibiting platelet aggregation by changing functional properties of platelets in response to collagen.

Aged garlic extract has gained attention because of to potential to prevent cardiovascular diseases, with phytochemicals that help fight off oxidative damage caused by free radicals. One study reported aged garlic extracts used for 20 months can produce antioxidant effects by changing less stable compounds such as allicin.

Aged garlic extracts are suggested to help prevent many health problems including atherosclerosis, memory loss, as well as risks of stroke, cancer, CVD, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and boost the immune system. Aged garlic extract is believed to also possess anti-allergenic, anti-tumor, and anti-psychological stress effects, according to studies published in Preventative Medicine, Journal of Nutrition, and Journal of Natural Medicines.

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