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3 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Combat Heart Disease

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Heart disease is the most common cause of premature death in men. How can we minimize those little things that add up to the big problem of heart disease?

Nutritionist Zach Miller from Total Health and Fitness brought these suggestions that men and women can do to improve their overall health and reduce the risks associated with hearth disease:

  1. Prepare for the Week Ahead:

    1. Simplify your eating and workout routines. The goal here isn't to establish a diet so much as a lifestyle change with enough simplicity that you can reasonably expect to stick to. The first step is to take the time to plan and then execute it.

  2. Integrate Exercise:

    1. Proper eating is essential, but so is proper exercise, including both cardio and resistance training. Although the idea of including more disciplined eating AND exercise can seem daunting, Zach reminds everyone that all it really takes is an hour a day, three times a week to really influence your health.

  3. Biggest Potential Hurdle:

    1. What's the biggest hurdle to getting healthier? In Zach's experience, it's intimidating for a lot of people. Simplicity is the key. Brad, veteran Total Health and Fitness program participant, integrated lifestyle choices and improved his overall health by reducing 30lbs and 9% body fat and has subsequently kept it off for a year.

Another tip: maintain accountability by going through a fitness journey with a partner. To help men and anyone wanting to get healthier, Total Health and Fitness is offering a 10% discount on any new agreements during the entire month of June for both men and couples.

For more information visit totalhealthandfitness.com or call either location below:

Draper: (801) 572-8050
Centerville: (801) 683-4800

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