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12 foods you should eat when you're dehydrated

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  • Hydration is a major key to a healthy body.
  • Humans do get some of their daily fluids from foods that have high water contents.
  • While cucumbers and watermelon may seem obvious, there are some surprising foods that can help you rehydrate, such as yogurt or spinach.

Dehydration can have many negative effects on your health. Drinking water is important for hydration, although some of our daily water intake comes from our diet.

Many fruits and vegetables have a high water content, making the produce section a great place to stock up on hydrating foods at the market.

According to Healthline, some dairy products can also be hydrating, as well as soups and broths.

Whether you're trying to get some extra hydration or you don't like drinking your water, it's beneficial to incorporate hydrating foods into your diet, according to Harvard Medical School.

Here are 14 foods to eat when you're feeling dehydrated.

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